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It was Muesli’s 35th birthday yesterday. He has had numerous face transplants and repairs. He has also had some fancy clothes made for him over time. His internals have been replaced on a few occasions – coconut husk was replaced with rice. I have no idea what it is today. His eyes are still original – but slightly glazed.

Muesli on a holiday to Tasmania. That is his friend Hot Milk in the foreground.

At 35 Muesli is frail, precious and a constant companion to my second oldest daughter. Muesli is like a member of the family.

When my daughter was about one year old she discovered him in our local Chemist’s shop window in Tasmania, with the perfumes, cold remedies and lotions. In her one year old way she made sure my wife knew that she had fallen in love with him.

1977 was the year we celebrated Christmas a month early as we were going to be travelling on Christmas Day. That is how we remember that Muesli has his birthday on the 25th of November. He was a special gift that year. Since then Muesli has travelled far and wide. Without a doubt he must be one of the most constant companions anyone has ever had. Every now and then he comes home so my wife can repair him or give him a face transplant.

Muesli is the elder statesman of a collection of inanimate but very real companions in our family. Fiona, Jessica and Grover are just some of the others. And do I have one? Do I have a cute stuffy toy to drag around like some toddler!? Excuse me! I am a respectable 62 year old teacher and ex – pastor. I have a reputation to maintain. Umm,  Sequoia is a cute little brown bear cub I found in the Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Park in California. He has been travelling with me since 2003. My kids have brought me up well.

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Old Testament Advent Poem No. 3

The Lion and the Sceptre Genesis 49:10

From father to son,
and father to son,
the king rules.

Long live the King!

With Sceptre,
the staff of authority
the honour continues
from regal generation
to regal generation.

The kingdom rises
and falls.

God’s promise

But we wait,
and wait
for the ultimate king.
The king!
The Lion will rule with
the wand of real power
over all nations
for eternity.

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