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Unity With God Through Christ

The other day a friend directed me to an article in Christianity Today:

The Key to a Purposeful Life (click to follow link)

It’s not imitating Christ, but union with him that makes the difference.

It is a great message on how we can be connected to God through Christ and how that in turn reflects in the way we can live our Christian life. The Author, Sarah Lebhar Hall begins by reflecting on our fears and dashed hopes and then states:

“The good news from the Scriptures is this: No follower of Jesus is an isolated entity, living out a solitary, potentially tragic plot line. The life story of a disciple is inextricably linked with the life story of Jesus.”

Another line that particularly jumped out at me:

“Because of our union with Jesus we can join the Trinity’s family embrace”  

What an amazing truth to reflect upon!

This article is both challenging and encouraging and well worth reading in its entirety.

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