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Never Satisfied

It is 8:10 pm and the temperature is 33C. The air conditioner has been turned off because you shouldn’t need to have one on after the sun has gone down. I am now keeping the mosquitoes company on the back patio. The anti mossie candles have been lit and it seems to attract them. I think they enjoy having the extra light because it helps them find something juicy to bite.

How easily we become dissatisfied. Too much heat or not enough. Too much rain or not enough. Last evening I saw the second episode of the Ken Burns documentary on the Dust Bowl. The people living in this part of the USA had every reason to complain. Too much heat, not enough rain and tonnes of dust – for years. This series says so much about the human character. It’s courage, perseverance, foolishness, greed, hope and despondency, and nearly very other trait, good and bad, you can think of. The programme shows how the rapacious over use of the land plus a drought led to the denuding of the top soil, but in the midst of that people sacrificed themselves for their neighbours and their families. Some people capitulated quickly while others held on for years.

We humans are strange lot. In just one person we can see good and the not so good; The altruistic and the selfish, the arrogant and the humble. I suppose that is one of the reasons I love the Christian faith so much for one day it will only be the good that remains, in fact, I will be more than good, I will be perfect. Not even my best friends can imagine that!

It’s is now 8:45 pm and the temperature is 31C. I’m still not happy and the mosquitoes still love me.

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