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Blind to Blessings

I don’t know if other people are like me but sometimes I fail to recognise how blessed I am.

My child bride is adding another notch on her belt of life on Tuesday. She is turning ** years of age. Her age has remained on 50 for a few years now. I first met her when she was 16, we were engaged when she was 17 and married at 18.  She liked older men – I was 21 when we met. We have known each other now for over 40 years and in that time and from early on she grew to be my best friend and has remained so all that time.

Simply put, God has given given me a fantastic life partner and I have to confess that I have not always recognised that. There were times when work took priority and she loved me regardless. There were other times that I neglected the family and this is when her wisdom and tenacity really shone. There was one infamous occasion when I was in my office (I was a pastor at the time) and the intercom buzzed, “There is someone here to see you.” she chimed sweetly. “Send them up,” I replied. A few minutes later, who should walk into my office but the child bride. I was about to splutter that I was busy, had meetings, a sermon to write and etc. Anticipating what I was going to say, she declared, “If it had been anyone else in the church, or outside of your family for that matter, you would have dropped everything immediately and listened. Now listen! As you are my pastor I need to tell you something. My husband is never at home, he is always busy, the kids never see him and he is working himself into an early grave.” She continued but I won’t bore you. Except, that her husband listened and changed his attitude. And now, whenever he is tempted to lose sight of his priorities, she simply says, “Can I make an appointment to see you?” Usually that is enough. The hint is loud and clear.

God has been good to me through my ‘better half’ but I still need to remind myself of that because often I take the people closest to me for granted. It is an insidious and nasty habit I have.

I believe it illustrates a larger problem that many of us encounter: we are blind to the manifold blessings that shower our lives. They can be physical, spiritual, relational and emotional – family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, team mates. Rather than looking at the problems, issues, crises, conflicts and loads to carry, I know that I need to take stock often and starting very close to home, remember how God has blessed me.

If I am not careful my child bride may ask for an appointment.

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