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Tassie – Day 2

We crawled out of our sleeping bags a bit before 8am and sauntered on a 5km walk. The day was glorious and the scenery along the Bay of Fires, sublime. When we returned we had breakfast and packed up. Today was going to be a travelling day. We hope to visit friends in Kingston on Easter Sunday.

We linked up to the road at St Helens which was crawling with tourists, continued along the coast until we got to the A4 and headed towards Fingal and the Midlands. When we got to the Midlands Highway we headed South to Hobart. Much of Tasmania is still very dry – especially in the centre.

At Campbell Town we stopped to have a look at a series of sculptures made from old Cypress trunks. They depicted the heritage of the area.

Nearing Hobart we saw the welcome familiarity of Mount Wellington. We drove through to Snug to find a camping space … where we are now.

So nothing profound today, except to ask, is Tas-mania a psychological illness?



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Tassie Trip Day 1

We arrived in Devonport at 7:30 am after a rather wild night at sea. The swell was huge and the winds strong. As it was Good Friday, Hetty read Romans 5 from the Gideon Bible in our cabin. It was a great affirmation of the power of the gospel. After extracting our car from the bowels of the ship we went through passport control (kidding, they were really the veggie police) and headed for Chudleigh.

In Chudleigh, a small town in the beautiful northern Tasmanian foot-hill country,there is a honey farm Hetty wanted to visit. After looking at their living displays of hives, and purchasing some honey, we headed east through Launceston, to Bridestowe where there is a Lavender farm. This another passion she has – lavender as a herb.

We have ended up at the “Bay of Fires” camping area. The sun is shining, the water is an amazing blue, the sands pristine and we are on holidays!

PS. I must apologise for the quality of the photos. The Nikon is refusing to speak to the iPad, so we are on plan B – iPad photos. 😦




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