Three Times Thirteen

May 11th, Our 39th Wedding Anniversary …
and I remembered!

Three times thirteenph9
has no ‘bad luck’ attached
but rather,
showers of providence.
God’s provision and care,
His ‘third strand’
of presence, love
and grace
that kept us
through thick and thin,
sickness and health,
poverty and well …

I joke
that marriage is an institution.
This institution
I am grateful to have entered
with my own free will,
sound mind,
and no regrets.

May we share more,
and the odd game of “Ticket to Ride”
in the time ahead that
God gives.

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7 thoughts on “Three Times Thirteen

  1. Caz

    Is an “odd game of Ticket to Ride” wishful thinking… It’s been smuggled into Belgium before!

    Happy Anniversary Ma and Pa! xoxo

  2. Congratulations my friend! One of my favorite things about your blog is how you two enjoy doing so much together!

  3. Thanks Rick, it wasn’t always that way. There was a time I was married to the church or the school. I learnt in time. Since my “conversion” the years of marriage have been the best!

  4. Happy anniversary. Well done.

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