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… I’m 18

My wife responded with her own poem after reading my effort yesterday. It connects our children and events in our lives with places we have lived in.


het 001

Hip dude with chick and groovy chain circa 1972/3

When I see my husband, I’m 18
And his hands touch young flesh.

When I look at Neti, our creative firstborn, I’m 20
And we’re playing “zoom, zoom” in the park.
When I think of our Kiki, I’m 22
And I am watching her sturdy little legs carry her along the track.
Kingston Beach

When I see Jac’s smile, I’m 27
And her friends are at the school gate, screaming:
“Hi, Jacqui’s Mum!”

When I gaze at Alex’s face, so serene, I’m 29
And she is anything but peaceful, shouting the words of her reader at me.
When I see Caroline, I feel Caroline. I’m 29
And I’m holding my breath until I feel her move, the touch of her feet dancing.
Mt. Gravatt

When I look at Rosey, I’m 33
And we’re having a race to complete jigsaw puzzles.

There’s kindness in Paul’s eyes, I’m older now.
And we’re laughing in church at a Lego joke.

There are hundreds of photos, 
A thousand memories,
Countless stories.
They add up to forty years.

Yet when I see my Pieter
I’m 18……

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Advent poem No.1 (2013)

And I will put enmity
    between you and the woman,
    and between your offspring and hers;
he will crush your head,
    and you will strike his heel.’

Gen 3:15


The first morning glimmer
of light
tells us the sun is coming:
A new day
A new hope
And eternal possibilities.

The dawn light
is a daily
covenant promise
that the son is coming:
who with a bruised heel
would crush
the enemy’s head

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The Vulnerable

They are open
and innocent,
eager to please,
the vulnerable.

They have no muscles
or wiles
to parry attacks,
the vulnerable.

They listen
and imbibe our words
ideas and values,
the vulnerable.

They mirror
our thoughts,
play act our actions,
the vulnerable.

They grow up
and shape, mould
and, too often, warp
the next generation of
the vulnerable.

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Three Times Thirteen

May 11th, Our 39th Wedding Anniversary …
and I remembered!

Three times thirteenph9
has no ‘bad luck’ attached
but rather,
showers of providence.
God’s provision and care,
His ‘third strand’
of presence, love
and grace
that kept us
through thick and thin,
sickness and health,
poverty and well …

I joke
that marriage is an institution.
This institution
I am grateful to have entered
with my own free will,
sound mind,
and no regrets.

May we share more,
and the odd game of “Ticket to Ride”
in the time ahead that
God gives.

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DSC_0298The sun rises
on Sunday
a new day
a new hope
and promises
of eternal life

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The Word

In the beginning …DSC_0653
God spoke
into being
Ex nihilo
from nothing.
God’s breath
brought forth
the stars
the atoms

The covenant
Word swept
through creation
and rebellion
and kings.

His Word
sure and firm
whispers and roars
through time
and place
over sea and continent.

The Word
walked among us
and will come again
to reveal
a recreated kingdom
a world reborn
by the

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I Have A God …

A reflection on Psalm 91

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

I have …
… a God who covers his children
like a mother hen,
and whose feathers
become a fortress that is
a refuge from danger,
and all that destroys.

… a God who lifts me up
beyond the harm
and hatred swirling ’round me.

… a God who gathers me
in his arms
and gives me
far more,
than I deserve.

… a God
whose son is,
right now,
busy making a home for me,

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To Hear You Again

Another morning awakes,
and my soul leaps
for another word
from You.
Another reminder
of love and place,
of family and eternity.
 Creation bows before You,
each day anew.
Birds sing and warble 
their praises.
Flowers and trees bow to You.
Lord, thank you for
my undeserved place before you
and hearing  my prayer
and loving me!
My place with you
is greater
more blessed
and life giving
than any trifle the world
can offer.
My reflections on the, far more beautiful, Psalm 84
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“Youth is wasted on the young” George Bernard Shaw

Energy to spend
on chasing, running and childishness.
To have passions that ignite.
Intoxicating dreams that abound
of worlds and hopes, futures
and possibilities.
To be young again!
To have time to wonder
and aspire,
fall and rise
without broken bones –
or bruised hearts.
To be a Jeremiah
– set apart,
– doing what is right
– with a youthful love of God
or Mary
– with a humble heart.
The priceless, momentary
gift of being young
must not be chained or bound
in our past mistakes.
Free the young
to prophesy and envision,
thrive and grow
so our jaded hearts are gladdened
and God rejoices.
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Waking Up In A New Year

After partying
eating and drinking,
and after the hugs
and good wishes
I went to bed.
When I woke
the feeling of unrestrained joy
was tempered.
This was another year,
there would be pain and loss
as well as joy and laughter.
Frustration and failure
would sit beside
success and satisfaction.
Self doubt and confidence
would still play
ping pong in the soul.
Carry me another year,
through the good and the bad.
Urge me, once again,
to walk a path
that honours You.
Teach me anew,
of your greatness and love.
In the darker moments
gently take my face in your hands
and call me, “My child.”
Then, and only then
can I make my tentative steps
once again.
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