“Let the little children … “

But Jesus called the children to him and said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Luke 18:16

holding handsIt strikes me me time and again how worship, that is, the average worship service, is largely an adult activity. There maybe a children’s talk, which in my experience is usually too abstract or allegorical for younger children to grasp and there maybe a children’s song, but for 95% of the service, or more, children are ignored or excluded.

To solve this problem churches often hive the children off to a separate room at some point. This usually comes as relief to both child and parent.

My question: What are some of the success stories out there where children have been  genuinely incorporated into all age worship? That is, where has the family of God been truly visible in worship – and not just the older members?

If you have witnessed Biblical, successful strategies I would love to hear about them. Jesus’ injunction above is far too important to ignore.

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2 thoughts on ““Let the little children … “

  1. I was preaching through the book of Acts. It was a hot, summer Sunday evening, and Elias was about 4 years old. He was quietly laying on the cool floor, underneath the pew, coloring in a book. his parents brought for him.

    At one point, I paused and asked the rhetorical question regarding the text, “Does anyone really care?”

    From under the pew came a tiny but certain voice, “I do.”

    The theological point in my expository sermon wasn’t lost on that little boy. No one knew he was listening, let alone paying attention, but Elias was following along with the argument.

    Jesus didn’t mince words, dumb-down His sermons, or use double-talk. He also didn’t have trouble keeping the attention of His audience, no matter the ages of those around Him. He spoke the most profound spiritual truths, but used ample examples everyone could understand. As He preached with the authority of Heaven, even the children listened and loved Him.

    • That is a great story! The key is that the preacher needs to remember that those 4 years olds are just as important as the 40 year olds. Thanks Richard that is a real encouragement.

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