Children and Church – Thank You, but More Please!

Statue in StockholmI must extend a big thank you to all of you who have responded to my request for childhood memories of church. (The original post here which includes an email address). One thing your responses have already done is widen my thinking and planning. I have received some emails regarding various kinds abuse upon which I have to reflect deeply. Some of you have commented on excitement and others sheer boredom. Overall, however, I get the strong impression that for many, if not most, children were incidental to church life. This collection has only just begun so I continue to encourage readers to comment and to ask friends to comment

Please keep your memories and reflections coming.

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2 thoughts on “Children and Church – Thank You, but More Please!

  1. Corrie

    Yes my memories of church are counting! anything that was countable, I didn’t connect with the language and did feel it was for the adults. I’m so excited now to have my grandchildren in church with me, they love to sing the songs and hymns, they take notes during the message. Recently our six year old grandson did a wonderful prayer for our family lunch, when I asked him how he learnt to pray like that? He said matter of factly- from his Papa (grand dad) and church. “In Jesus Christ Amen!”

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