15 Reasons Why Christian Education is Important

  1. Sound Christian Education takes the Bible seriously.
  2. Truth is seen as absolute.
  3. Christian Education believes a Christian worldview can make a positive difference.
  4. It gives students a strong foundation in a world of shifting values and morals.
  5. Christian Education recognizes God’s sovereignty and Christ’s Kingship, and …
  6. therefore God’s claims over all of creation are taken seriously.
  7. No subject or curriculum is outside the orbit of God.
  8. Students are recognised for who they are: sinners in need of God’s grace in Christ.
  9. Also students are given a vision of God’s Kingdom and their place in it.
  10. Good Christian education recognises the unique, God given gifts and talents of the students and
  11. challenges them to achieve their amazing potential.
  12. It assists parents in their God given mandate.
  13. Sound Christian Education treats the student as a whole person whose aim is to grow in Christ-likeness..
  14. A foundation in God and His world prepares the student for tomorrow.
  15. Healthy Christian Education develops critical thinking by having the courage to explore other world views from the perspective of its own worldview.

What reasons can you add?

As this post proves to be regularly accessed I have included some other sites:


http://www.cen.edu.au/   Christian Education National

http://csa.edu.au/  Christian Schools Australia

A wonderfully informative website:




http://www.csionline.org/  Christian Schools Internation

http://aacs.org/ American Association of Christian Schools


http://www.christianschoolstrust.co.uk/find_a_school  Christian Schools Trust UK

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22 thoughts on “15 Reasons Why Christian Education is Important

  1. Excellent post Pieter!

  2. Ron Koerntjes

    Can’t help wondering (with the benefit of hindsight) what school would have been like if our teachers at the time had shared these values?

    • It is a thought that has crossed my mind too. I think in the 60’s we were still in that grey area where a number of teachers still lived the values without actually connecting it to a Biblical faith (sadly). Also many Christians had the idea that you shouldn’t mix faith and work – the spiritual and secular (which is a foolish distinction).

  3. Reblogged this on Travels from Ur and commented:

    Of all the posts I have made over the last twelve months, it is the following that has been read the most. I am intrigued to know what motivates people to search this topic. Why is “Christian Education” such a regular search phrase?

    • Mike Ilnitsky

      Sorry for my English, sir. I am son of the pastor, in former Soviet Union, and my father has being sent to death row for a reason – he dare to speak about God, in ungodly society. Mom was the family preacher for us, kids, all the evenings, and mornings. Result? Two out of three kids are christians. One of 3, is mentally ill, so it is not to count. Surrounding us in our childhood was many sober, longsuffering man and woman, who’s life gave us extra education, christian education. Sunday school, youth group, – it all added up. So, if today, anyone, can barely make ends, with money, and only private schools are offering christian education, – go for it. It will produce different people, than public school. I do remember my kid go to public education, and in second grade comes back from schoool, and tells me about boy, same as her age, yawning at the bus stop, and announsing, that he need a women for tonight. (!!!) So,if students are talking about it in second grade, what is to expect them to do in fifth grade? Now, they come from Christian school, and they tells us, that they have being talking with teacher, lady, about stuff only girls shall know of, not even me, daddy. I am glad to hear it. I believe certain things are for girls only. And it is one of the many reason, along with Bible reading every day, in the morning, in school, I would vote for, in connection with christian education.

      • Thank you Mike for your reply. Christian Education by family, church and school is so important for our children as they find their place in the amazing Kingdom of God. Faith and discipleship is a mark of the reality of Jesus Christ.

      • Debo Adeyewa


        Dear Mike,

        You have a unique story.

        God bless you!!!

  4. Great thoughts captured here brother in Christ. I see potential through the Christian educational experience. I heard recently from a non Christian that they would send their kids to a Christian school if he had kids. Reason being, they learn something there they do not learn elsewhere.

  5. I don’t disagree with your argument for Christian Schools but where is the proof that they help “zealously pursue an intimate relationship with God.” as Barna says. Would that not be the goal? Is not that the role of parents? Where then is the Church?

    • It is certainly the role for parents. However the Christian school that I work for is “parent governed”. So the policies, directions and employment of staff is strongly influenced by Godly parents. We see it as a partnership. Anecdotally, having had all my six children go through schools like this I can attest that it works. My children love and serve the Lord. This has been strongly influences by home, church and school – always acknowledging the sovereign Work of God, His Word and Spirit.

  6. Lucy Christpuncher

    Christian Education ruined my life! Now I think there is an invisible man living in the clouds judging my every action and making me feel bad for being a human being, also made me ignorant towards science and history

    • I am sorry to hear of your experience but it sounds that you had more “legalistic” education than one inspired by the love of Christ for his children. Sometimes we need to look at Christ and forget about some of the actions of his followers.

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  8. mandy

    christian education is a must-do for all pastors who care for their flocks.

  9. Scovia

    christian education is essential to every one

  10. Barbara Hopkins

    Hi Pieter,
    I came across your blog as I was preparing a booklet listing the Christian Education classes offered at my church? As I was preparing the booklet/brochure, one of the questions burning in my mind was “Why Christian Education?” This is a question I wanted to answer to include in the booklet/brochure that will be given to our members and everyone who registers for any of the classes we offer. As I searched the Internet for something that would help me respond to this question with clarity and conciseness, I found your “15 Reasons Christian Education is important.” It blew me away because it speaks to everything I feel about Christian Education. THANK YOU!
    My second reason for reaching out to you is to ask if I can repost your 15 Reasons in our booklet/brochure. I would love for these 15 Reasons to be the first thing each recipient reads when they open the booklet/brochure. Of course I will be sure to reference you and your blog if you grant us this permission. The name of the church I attend is Beulah Missionary Baptist Church in Decatur, GA. I am a member of our Board of Christian and a facilitator for our Christian Education. This bookl t will not be sold but used as a give away providing a brief description of our Christian Education Ministry and a description of each of the classes offered. Would you allow me to include this awesome list in our booklet/brochure? I know all that read it will be truly blessed.
    Thank you so much for you insight and for sharing this awesome blessing.

    • Thank you for your kind reply. Please use the blog to promote Christian education!

      • Barbara Hopkins

        Great. Thank you so much Pieter. May God continue to use you for his glory.

  11. Rev Dr Patricia O. Iroele

    Thanks a lot for this 15 reasons why Christian Education is important. While searching for something to boost my research topic on “Relevance of Christian Education to Humanity”,I read them in your site. Please permit me to use them,i must also make clear reference to you. I am a Professorial researcher of United Bible University,Lagos Nigeria & the Director General/Chief Executive Officer of Training & Development Council of the Association of Christian Theologians, Nigeria.

  12. Ohiaogu Anulika

    please I want to know the importance of Christian magazine.

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