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God’s Lists – A Poem

God’s Lists      (e.g Exodus 20:15-17 & Galatians 5: 19-21)

God’s lists touch a nerve.
A raw nerve.
I want to run,
Avert my head,
Cover my heart.
The stare of His lists is uncomfortable,
I squirm,
His firm but mellow hand
Will not let me run or hide.
His lists
Like a searchlight
Reveals dark places,
Hidden corners,
Uncovers brokenness.

Detail from the font in Winchester Cathedral

In an almighty scream of love
He clothes me in His son.
The list evaporates.
The light finds nothing
… but perfection!
He sees me whole,
Complete, Holy.
All I can do is weep;
Weep tears of elated
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