Daily Archives: October 17, 2011

I have Two Faces … or more

I have two faces,
Maybe more.
Faces for all occasions.
The private and public.
For friends and not so friends
For family and others not so close.
There is a game I play
We all play,
Where the depths
Thoughts and pains,
The awkward feelings and fears
Angers and spites
Are only on display,
at best, for some.
… maybe none.
A bright “Hello”
A hearty joke
Bonhommie is the display window.
The Soul, the heart are cloaked in rooms behind.
But You see,
You know,
Even the things I hide with excuses,
and bluster.
You cut through the darkness and
All is revealled, displayed and laid out
To Your eyes and Your heart.
I mumble “Thankyou”.
Even if I didn’t want You to look.
I am honest with You.
Not because I want to be.
But in You I can’t hide
My many masks.
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