Nativity on the Front Porch

The Nativity stable,
a bale of hay
and a crib
sit on the front porch.
They have had their use.
The local schools  have
sung their carols with youthful voices
and re-enacted the 
Bible story
with a real live baby!
The church has performed its
obligatory “Carols” service.
And now the Xmas objects
to be stored in the garage
for another year.
Hidden beyond
A story,
A medieval carol,
Children playing angels,  Joseph and Mary,
with tea towels and sheets,
and a stable made of scrap wood, is 
an eternal miracle,
Of a life lived.
the child/man/God
who lives still 
through those who believe.
Revealing Christmas
as an enduring living
celebration of King
and His Kingdom.
Still, the stable sits
for the next innocent “Mary and Joseph”
for next year’s pageant,
and the next …
until the King returns.
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