Model Trains and Life

I did something yesterday that I hadn’t done before. I went to a model train exhibition. Shaun’s “Pop” had created a model railway in an old suitcase. He had another in a briefcase – even finer and smaller. It was very impressive. Many of the exhibitions were amazing to behold: a combination of hobby, craft, technology and imagination.

These people obviously had a passion for model trains that far outweighed any simple curiosity I had. Once again I see a lesson in this and it relates back to the posts I have written on family. If only we put the same time, energy, enthusiasm and care into the nurturing of our kids. I am sure that each individual who built the layouts, the engines and the trains didn’t learn their skills over night. They worked and worked until they got it right.

Our families deserve the same passion and endurance, and more.

P.S. I loved the way that dads and their children were mutually mesmerised by the exhibition. You could see father and child enjoying its wonder together. This too, is another lesson!

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