The Nelson Nongs

I have two stories from this weekend’s camping trip.
Number one: My wife and I went camping this weekend and we encountered a group of 60 men at a remote campsite on the Glenelg river. These past workers of a, now defunct, Australian clothing manufacturer, we discovered, gather on this weekend ever year. Their language was colourful, their drinking copious and their fishing, largely unsuccessful. I suggested that they had come down to watch the water. They didn’t disagree. My theory is that the fish heard them coming.

These men were far away from their wives and were genuinely enjoying and celebrating (in liquid fashion), each other’s company.

Now I don’t condone their language or the the excess of alcoholic intake, but I loved the fact that these same men have been doing this every year for many years; apart from the first year when they wrecked the Nelson pub and were told not to come back again.

As a society we have lost a sense of community and celebration. We hear horror stories of people dying, lonely and alone. We cross each others paths without communicating.

I believe, with a passion, that the heart of this community should be the church, or at least, it should be exemplified by the church. A place where we can meet and enjoy community, with just less of the language and alcohol! If we genuinely celebrated and enjoyed the unity and oneness we have in Christ, we would be called hypocrites, humorless and legalistic, far less often.

Remember our Lord’s first miracle was at a party. Let’s keep the party going!
The second story, tomorrow.

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