Sharing Knowledge and Understanding

As I promised, yesterday, I have a second story. This one is based upon observation and conjecture. On our short camping trip, my wife and I stopped at a remote and isolated  town on a river. As there were picnic tables at the local jetty we thought this was a good place to stop for our cuppa.

I will just give you the details: What I observed was a caucasian lady, whose husband was minding the small children, teaching a group of people, of middle eastern appearance, how to fish: including how to bait the hook and cast the line into the water. This was done through example, teaching and lots of encouragement – especially when the casting of the line didn’t go as planned. There was also plenty of laughter and cajoling. It was obvious that there was joy in this mini learning community.

The conjecture is about the   origin of these middle eastern people and why they are in such a remote town. What I found heart warming was the scene where one person was sharing with others a knowledge they didn’t have: “How to fish”.

There are so many metaphors and lessons in this whimsical picture and it doesn’t require me to set them out. I’ll just finish by saying, I was mesmerised and challenged by the scene.

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