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Creator of the Seas

Creator of the seas
how vast,
immense your creation
as it rolls and thunders
rages and storms
wave after relentless wave.
From rolling breakers
to crashing
briny mountains that
shatter peace, calm
and rocks.
I see your majestic hand,
Your mysterious ways
and omnipotent vastness
in the foaming waters.
On other days,
still days,
ripple clear and glassy days
the waters reveal
a gentler heart,
a healing hand,
but Your grandeur
never disappears.
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The Far Side of the Sea

if I settle on the far side of the sea,
even there your hand will guide me,  Psalm 139:9b-10a

There are Bible passages and verses that instantly resonate with us. They may have encouraged or challenged us in times past, or provided direction.  Some may simply give us a sense of God and a joy in Him.

The passage above, from Psalm 139, rings that bell every time I read or hear it. It reminds me of my migrant origins and that, even by traveling to other side of the earth, God has continued to be present and faithful. Time and distance are no barriers for the creator of them. God reminds me of His majesty and power.

There is also a personal irony in the verse. In my extended family those who have migrated are more likely to have kept faith than those who didn’t. This was despite my mother’s former teacher telling her that she was traveling to a godless country. There could be a number of reasons for faith remaining alive, such as the need for comfort and assurance when removed from our “comfort zone” and the gathering in church groups for  mutual support when arriving in a new country.

Whatever the reasons, I praise God whenever I read this verse because I know, from personal experience, that it is true.

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