Daily Archives: March 9, 2012

Learning to Walk

I don’t remember
learning to walk.
But from what I’ve observed
it’s one faltering step –
Another wavering step –
Drop again.
Slowly but surely
the art of walking
grows to
running and scampering.
New worlds beckon.
New mischief awaits.
… and then later,
we can’t even remember learning.
I don’t remember my first
faith steps.
I can’t remember grappling with
the ideas of God, and faith,
Bible and eternity,
Kingdom and Christ.
These parent guided steps
were fragile too.
The wonder, confusion
and doubt.
The stumbles and scraped knees.
How big is God?
Can he see me under concrete?
Will He be angry when …?
I run, jump
and rejoice in faith
even though
those first
important, crucial steps
long ago
can’t be remembered.
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