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Growing Up Today

I admire many young people today. They are the young people of faith who are able to withstand the pressures and allurements of our society and have the courage to live for their Saviour. They exist, and I know many of them. In fact, I am proud of them and am often humbled by their courage and faith.

When I grew up in the 50s and 60s it didn’t take much courage to be a Christian and live a Christian life. On the whole, “Christianity” was the prevailing ethic in our society at that time. Drugs, premarital sex, pornography and life wasting diversions were there, but not in the same quantity and availability as they are today. In those days the battle was occasional – not daily and relentless; certainly not as overwhelming as it is today.

Today the Godly young person needs to be on their guard in a far more vigilant fashion. The subtlety and all-pervasiveness of Satan’s allure is constant.

So when you see Christian young people, take time to encourage and support them. Pray for them, and if possible, with them. When they do stumble, and they will, rather than judgement and disapproval, give them love, encouragement and grace. They need to know and experience the support of the body of Christ.

Also, I fervently believe that these young people can teach us much, through their courage and vision. In an age in which the predominant perspective is, sadly, far different from a Christian world-view, many Christian young people can show us through their lives what radical Christianity really means!

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