A Unique Archaeological Experience

I want to stay in Calvin’s town of Geneva for another post. While visiting Geneva, which included trips to the Reformation Wall  and the Reformation Museum, I also came across a most unique archaeological experience – a visit under  Saint-Pierre Cathedral (St Peter’s Cathedral).

The archaeology under the Cathedral has unearthed infromation going back millenia. It tells us a story of Geneva from early times, through the Roman period and into the arrival and development of Christianity.

The uniqueness of this site is that it is under the Cathedral. The Cathedral has been structurally underpinned so that the visitor can explore the history underneath. It is beautifully presented and the information is extensive and yet presented in an easily accessible manner.

Their own website can be accessed at: http://www.site-archeologique.ch/contenu.php?id-node=2  Any visit to Geneva will not be complete with out encountering this unique experience.

The most exciting aspect for me, a Christian, was to see the development of Christianity and some of its practices (e.g. baptism) develop and mutate over time. A more sobering reminder was how in Western countries in general, the accepted faith in Christ which grew over many years has been diluted in such a short space of time in recent generatiuons.

The site under St Pierre is a reminder that history and archaeology need not be dry and dusty. In fact it proves that it can be aesthetic, immediate and enticing.

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