Commit Your Ways to The Lord

Commit your way to the Lord;
trust in him and he will do this. Psalm 37 Verse 5

This verse sits above a building in the Stortorget in Stockholm’s Gamla Stan. As people were sipping their coffee outside the cafes with Ikea blankets on their knees (it was Stockholm in early May after all) this verse spoke silently.

The reason this verse struck me was that it confronts C21st sensibilities. The verse does not say trust in: your popularity, your money, your intelligence, your good looks, your broker etc. It calls us to humble ourselves before God and to acknowledge him as Creator and Ruler over all things.

Psalm 37 reminds us that evil is a real force for destruction and corruption in the world. Evil desires to destroy all that is godly. For many today this is an alien concept, but is real none the same. We do not have took far to see evil eating away at government, business, families, relationships and more.

The antidote lies in the verse that a person in Stockholm put above the front door in 1620. “Trust in the Lord”. That is, trust in God’s solution, which simply put, is a faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. The message is so simple, but sadly, not heeded by many in today’s society whose “sophistication” puts such a faith beneath their dignity .

As I stood in the Stortorget I wondered, “How do we return to a time and attitude where we would be proud to place a verse above our house in the town square, for all to see, that declares what we know and believe to be truth?”

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3 thoughts on “Commit Your Ways to The Lord

  1. Amen! Thanks brother!

  2. Well said! Amen!

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