Christian Friends

Last night we had Christian friends come over for a meal. We talked about all sorts of things both great and small and finished the evening with a word of prayer.

I reflected to my wife later what a privilege it is to have friends like these. I added that it was as though God was speaking to us through our friends. In a real way He was. These friends have known us for a long time. They know us warts and all – the highs and lows. We know their struggles and hopes as well. So when the conversation develops and we look for the Christ in each other, a depth of communication occurs that is beyond the mundane. Despite our human brokenness Christ is a present in a tangible way. He is there in the words of encouragement, challenge, direction and hope.

In these moments we get a glimpse of heaven. We see the small lights of Christ in each other that will one day shine without hindrance. In the meantime, occasions like this are an encouragement to continue to grow and serve and anticipate with eager expectation.

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