The Light of Christ

When we travel we like to listen to our favourite music. Having been on the road for the last week we listened to a lot of music. Michael Card is one singer/song writer whose songs we both like.

In the song, “For F.F.B.” he sings of his grandfather with the words, “In you I learned the kind of faith that looked up to the mountains. In you I saw just what I’d like to be. Oh, Grandad, I wish you could be here to tell me what to do, ‘cause I first saw the light of Christ through you.”

The phrase, “‘cause I first saw the light of Christ through you” made me think of those who first allowed me to see the light of Christ. When we were impressionable children who were those people through whom Christ shone? Parents? Grandparents? Family? Friends?

This is such a profoundly important concept, than for no other reason than the eternal faith of our children, our aim as adults should be to grow in Christlikeness.

Just after our fist child was conceived we received a visit from our pastor who reminded us that a child is conceived into an eternity of heaven or hell. Very blunt! But his point was simple, nothing is more important than the faith of our children and as parents we must do everything we can to prepare our children for an eternity with God. Or in Michael Card’s words to allow our children to see “the light of Christ through” us.

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4 thoughts on “The Light of Christ

  1. I so agree. When children are small, they observe so much – they copy the way you do life. If you pray in each situation, they learn that their heavenly father is there for them. Once that ‘modelling’ opportunity is gone, it’s gone. Witnessing to them later is so much harder if they haven’t seen it in action!

  2. The world is relentless as we lead our horses to water. There are so many tasty tidbits along the way. Then at the water we can’t make them drink…You’re right. We have to show them how. Great post. Thanks.

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