Throw The Minister Off The Plane

Many years ago when I was a minister in a small country town one of our daughters was nominated as a contestant in a Lion’s Club Young Public Speakers’ event. On the big night they had to give a speech and also make impromptu speeches on topics given by the judges. There were quite a few people present on the evening of the finals.

For one of the impromptu topics our daughter was asked the question (something like): If You are the pilot on a plane carrying a doctor, lawyer, survival expert, a pregnant mother and a pastor, and the pilot must stay with the plane, because with one engine it can carry one person back to the airport, but there are only 4 parachutes for the other 5 people, who would have to miss out when they jumped off the plane and why? My daughter, without any hesitation, said,”The pastor.” There was an audible gasp among the people in the room as everyone knew I was a pastor. Some may have wondered if there were family issues that needed resolving in the Stok household.

My daughter added quickly, “The pastor knows where he is going when he dies. His salvation is assured, but I don’t know if the others have that relationship with God. They still have an opportunity to come to the Lord” It was a wonderful witness of the power of the gospel to the people present. But I also remember thinking at the time that there is a challenge for each one of us – me included. We all need to be ready when the Lord calls because we don’t don’t know the day or the hour of our passing.

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5 thoughts on “Throw The Minister Off The Plane

  1. Well done her, but also well done you! Years of unstinting energy and loving input, bringing your daughter up in the faith. But so worth it when you can be so proud of her.

  2. Great story and great response by your daughter! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the responses. My wife reminded me of the story today.

  4. John B

    Agree with all the above and the logic of the salvation paths – but even so, isn’t just a bit of you left wondering, too? 🙂

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