Good Bye – Again

As a teacher of older high school students, one of the relentless realities is that every year I must farewell another cohort as they enter into the “big” world. It is never easy. As it is with your own children, you always want them to be a bit more prepared, a bit more equipped and a bit more worldly wise. But alas, you have to let them go. You can’t hold on forever.

Yet even with those going there are mixed feelings. For those students who have reflected a growing and active faith there is the assurance that whatever happens, these students will know and depend on the relationship they have with God. However, for those who have exhibited, little or no faith, we have to hope that God will reveal Himself  through people and circumstances in the times to come. For me, academic success without a faith anchor is ultimately not a real success.

So as each cohort leaves it is a reminder, that my words and actions, demeanour and values must be a constant witness to the qualities that I want my students to possess – spiritual and academic. It is a sobering question to ask: Has my life assisted or hindered my students’ faith  as they leave school?

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4 thoughts on “Good Bye – Again

  1. An important question for all Christians to ask….what impact has my life, words and prayers had in the lives of others? I appreciate your concern as a teacher, and pray that more Christian teachers would be sensitive to their potential spiritual influence in the lives of their students.

    • I suppose that is one reason why James tells us that “not many of you should become teachers”. It is a scary but amazing task.

  2. Will Duwe

    It would be a lot easier to say farewell to them if all you were doing was cleaning up after them.

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