The Innocents

Oh God can you forgive us?
We sacrifice our innocents
In so many ways.
We defile their youth
with adult filth
and age them before their time.
We shake their security
with adult quarrels.
And we take their lives
far before time
for the love of ” rights” and ” freedoms”.

Oh God forgive us
for the altars to Molech
we have made
to shatter young lives.

Oh God forgive us
for emulating Herod
this Christmas.

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4 thoughts on “The Innocents

  1. Will Duwe

    The only thing i can think of is that you cannot kill 27 people by breaking into a school armed with a stick. Get rid of the guns.

  2. Very perceptive, and well expressed. Thanks! Love the bit about rights and freedoms. We forget about responsibility.

  3. Thanks. But I stole that line from a friend’s FB post. It struck me as profound.

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