Time Passes

This year has given me a real sense of time passing. It has reminded me of the frailty of humanity and the relentless tide of generations. At the beginning of the year my mum died, three days later an uncle, my father’s youngest brother, and then mid year another of dad’s brothers and, just recently, my mother’s youngest brother. Death has been a companion all throughout 2012.

In my father’s line of the family I am now he oldest with the family name. I am not certain what that means. At least it means that a generation has nearly gone, my generation is getting older and there is another following.

For me, the loudest message must be, pass on the baton of faith in words and deeds. I fear, in places, I see the baton being dropped – or it has dropped altogether. That is exceptionally sad, especially when preceding generations have been so faithful to keep the covenant chain alive. There is no greater and lasting treasure that we can pass on to our children than a living knowledge of Jesus Christ. I know we can’t force faith on our children but we can reveal its vitality and life through our own lives and words.

Another lesson for me is to live each day. Our time this side of heaven is finite. There is no time to waste as we promote the Kingdom. There is so much to do to prepare for the king’s return!

And for ourselves, personally, we don’t know the day or the hour we will be called home so we need to be prepared for that call.

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2 thoughts on “Time Passes

  1. I admire your passion to press on in your faith in the midst of such a difficult year. I am so very sorry for the loss you have personally experienced.

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