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Everlasting Moments

“Everlasting Moments” is a film based on the life of Maria Larsson. It is set in Sweden at the turn of the last century when popular photography was still rare. In the midst of poverty and a violent marriage she finds a camera she had won long ago. She is befriended by an elderly owner of a photographic shop and begins to look at life and her world through a lens.

The film causes us to reflect on perspectives; not just the world through a lens, which Maria had a real knack for, but also the way we look at life, relationships and responsibilities. We may not have made the same choices as Maria but we can never deny the serious consideration she gave to her life choices.

The film also made me think how we take so much of life for granted. We live expecting luxury and wealth. Maria saw these thinks as momentary glimpses of grace – the undeserved and unexpected. This is not a film for a momentary diversion. It demands engagement. Even the small subtitles are a bit of a challenge. However, it will leave you challenged and left with more than a few questions.

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