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My wife and I have taken a couple of moments away from the recent madness and have camped ourselves on a beach near Wilson’s Prom. I just went to the beach and took time to take in the subtle colours of dusk. I am not an “arty” person, like some in my family, but every now and then I take a moment to appreciate creation.

Throughout the day the sun was strong, the sky blue and the waters aqua, but as the sun set the colours softened into far more subtle shades – pinks, purples and greys. Lines, like the horizon which had been district earlier, we’re now harder to read. The gulls and ducks melted into shadows.

(Two hours later) the stars have come out in we are have shades of darkness and shadows.

Conclusion: it is good to stop and smell the roses, or in my case, appreciate the colours. It is good to be reminded of how great creation is – even, or is it, especially, in the simple things.

PS I left the camera connector for my iPad at home so I’ll have to upload the photos some other time. 😦

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Hold Me Jesus

One of my favourite songs from one of my favourite artists: the late and great Rich Mullins –

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