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Fire and Rain

Today we went for a walk on Wilson’s Prom. We were going to do 6 kms but ended up doing 12 as the round trip wasn’t as round as the young lady at the Park’s office had suggested. But being hardened caminoers we took it in our stride (pun intended).

The Prom has been through fire and flood in recent years and the scars are still quite evident. What is heartening, however, is how well and quickly, the bush recovers from fire. It was encouraging to see new trees, bushes and shrubs growing. Also the tiny native flowers were in abundance. The Parks people have been busy restoring infrastructure which is also very encouraging.

The only unpleasant surprise were the prices in the shop. Nine dollars for a packet of bread rolls! Humph. I wanted to buy lunch, not the park.

Tonight we are further along the coast at 90 Mile beach, which lives up to its name.

Below is an iPad photo but I will add a gallery when I get home.


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