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The Morning Star of the C18th Welsh Revival

It is amazing the way that God works. Forces are arrayed against His plans only to be outwitted time and again.

This occurred (once again) in the years leading up to the Methodist Revival in Wales in the C18th. AnĀ AnglicanĀ minister, Griffith Jones, sometimes referred to as the “morning Light of the Welsh Revival” was often in trouble with his superiors for his unorthodox approaches. Dallimore references him in his biography of Whitefield. For example, Jones preached outdoors when the crowds became too large. This was not the “done thing.” In all, he was too enthusiastic for his times. So the authorities restricted his ability to preach. Now, this could seem like a defeat. However, Jones, undeterred, commenced a series of circulating schools (schools that would remain in an area for a while and then move on). Many thousands of people learned to read and were presented with the gospel through his work. It also provided a wonderful foundation for the revival to come – a wonderful picture of God’s sovereignty.

Griffith Jones is an example of one who sees obstacles as opportunities. Once again, there is a lesson in that for me.

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