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The Gospel Urgency

I met an old friend again today whom I hadn’t seen in a while. He has a view of the “rapture” which I don’t share but we are still brothers in Christ. My view of the end times is “amillenial” so when Jesus returns, that is it. I was struck by one thing however. Because my friend has an inkling that the rapture will occur soon he is passionate about seeing friends and family come to the Lord. The urgency in his voice is palpable. His life is driven by the need to reveal Christ. I was humbled by him.

But whatever view we hold of the end times we can learn from his sense of urgency. It may not be the Lord’s return but simply death that brings us to Christ the judge. How urgent are we with friends and family? Can they sense the distress that we hold for their eternal welfare?

We can often be blasé or even a tad selfish about the Kingdom. My friend reminded me that our mission as Christ’s ambassadors is serious. And I for one, need to be reminded of its eternal importance.

As for the rapture, a-mill, post mill or pre mill – as another friend says, he is pan mill. When the time comes it will all pan out.

I do believe there are serious theological implications with regard to our position, however, nothing is more important than knowing Jesus personally. That is one thing we can all share.

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The Garden of Eden?

No, not the Garden of Eden, only a camping spot. 🙂


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