The Sabbath

From John Lennox’s book, “Seven Days that Divide the World”:

Lennox1Jesus’ invitation is clear. That rest comes when we are prepared to come to him and accept what he calls “my yoke,” that is, accept his authority and leadership. At the heart of Christianity is a willingness to trust Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and thereby receive forgiveness and peace with God. The problem is that, in a world where achievement and merit count for so much, we human beings find it difficult to understand and accept that God’s forgiveness and peace cannot be earned by our work, effort, or merit, but must be received as a free gift.

Zondervan (2011-08-09). Seven Days That Divide the World: The Beginning According to Genesis and Science,  Kindle Edition.
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2 thoughts on “The Sabbath

  1. I’ve been wanting to read that book! I saw the guy interview on a Saturday morning Christian television statement and his theories sounded not only Biblical but also solidly scientific. His explanation on the waters springing up from under the earth’s crust and dividing the continents was intriguing to say the least. It made me rethink the subduction zones deep in the ocean floor and explained the current sea level on a whole different level. Please review this book upon completion if you don’t mind, and let me know if it is worth a “spin around the block”…thx!
    Be Blessed,

  2. It is not an easy book to read and I don’t understand all of it. However he has a high view of Scripture and loves science and melds the two well.

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