Deo Volente

The pulpit in the old church at Gamla Uppsala

The pulpit in the old church at Gamla Uppsala

“Deo Volente” is not a phrase used much nowadays, yet it speaks of a wonderful attitude.

Deo Volente, often shortened to D.V. simply means “God willing”. Like many Latin phrases its real meaning has been lost in the mists of time. “N.B”, “A.D.” and “C.V.” are just some other examples. In the past letters and messages were often annotated with “D.V.” It acknowledged that any human plans were subject to God’s will.

Deo Volente, at its heart, speaks of an attitude before God. It recognises that our plans are always subject to His will and purposes. God is sovereign and I am not. It is a phrase of humility and acceptance. Not resignation, but the acknowledgement that ultimately God’s purposes and plans far outweigh my wishes and petty ambitions.

It is also a phrase of comfort. Whatever happens in my life is not governed by fate or chance but is overruled by a God who sent His son to reveal His love for His children and who cares for them into eternity. It is a comfort because He has told me, that love is what He wills.

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3 thoughts on “Deo Volente

  1. awesome post Pieter!!! Deo Volente indeed!!!! life is not chance after all as some seem to think it is but a perfectly orchestrated piece that the Master Himself has made beautiful

    • It is a privilege to be able to say Deo Volente and know that God has our best at heart! Thanks for the response.

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