Do You Feel the Wind?

When I ride my bike there are occasions when I have to battle a fierce breeze and I need to force myself to go on. Then I turn a corner and the breeze seems to have disappeared. In reality it hasn’t. I just happen to be going with the wind at wind speed.

In western churches I believe we need to feel more of the wind – the resistance of the world around us. Our problem, too often, is that we are traveling in the same direction and roughly, at the same speed, that the world is.

The task of the church is to be counter cultural. That is, it needs to critique the society in which it lives (and itself) against the standards that God has given us in His Word. The church is called to show and live what a Biblical family is, what a Biblical view of work is, how to love the other as Christ would and so. If we were really doing that, wouldn’t we feel more of a breeze blowing directly, and fiercely at us?

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