I’ve heard about Jesus …

A reflection on Matt 8:5-13 by Hetty:

I’ve heard about Jesus: Water, evil spirits, diseases, they all obey his word. So when he said he would come and heal my servant, I told him plainly, “That’s not necessary. Just say the word and I know he will be cured.” I knew he would have made the journey for me and the young man, but he is the “Chief Officer” and what he says goes. But I wasn’t expecting his amazement at my reply. And those comments about my faith – surely I’m not as good as all those pious Jews?!

Jesus comes for each of us. He makes no distinction between masters and servants, Jews or Gentiles. He only requires our faith in him.
“Remind me that you are
the Way,
the Truth
and the Life
and apart from you there is no life.”
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