Taking a PE Class

There are times
when my pedagogic versatility
is limited.
As when
I am asked to take
a PE class.
My age,
hand-eye coordination
my lack of passion
all conspire against me.
To run, jump
throw and kick
without any evident purpose
inspire no joy –
no thrill
in my soul.
The scores,
shots for goal,
dashes to the finish and
shouts of elation,
leave me,
But when a perfect word,
articulate phrase or
beautiful sentence
springs to life
in a student’s hand,
my heart rises and
soul sings.
This IS life!
This IS being truly human!
Animals can run faster,
fish swim further and
birds fly higher,
But only we,
bring ideas,
and thoughts,
wisdom and dreams
to vibrant life …
with Words.
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4 thoughts on “Taking a PE Class

  1. Krystal Efthimiou

    I really like this and agree with the ideas you bring up. Also, my brother Daniel once had you for P.E. Since P.E is one of the subjects he most enjoys, he found it disappointing that he had to edit Grover pictures instead of do an actual P.E class. I showed him this as an explanation.

  2. Thanks Krystal. Words are more exciting than sweaty smelly year 9 boys!

  3. Krystal Efthimiou

    This one is the Year 6 one. But agreed!

  4. Krystal Efthimiou

    Oh, I’m supposing you mean you had to teach them recently. Never mind.

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