Worship, a Dialogue With God

Occasionally my wife and I visit other churches. Most of those we visit see worship as an experience – an event in which the music, in particular, creates an emotional “aura”.

This morning we attended a church in which the worship service was a dialogue with God. From the ‘Call to Worship’ in which God calls His people to gather before Him, to the ‘Blessing’ at the end, in which God gives His last word as He promises to be with His people throughout the coming week, the service was a conversation- initiated by God.

The people responded with songs and prayers. God declared His righteousness, we confessed our sin, and then He reminded us of our forgiveness in Christ. Through the preacher He declared His word to us and we responded by singing a song declaring our obedience to and trust in, His word.

Old fashioned maybe, but refreshing certainly! It reminded me that worship is about God first and foremost. We declare His ‘worth’.

So today as you go/went to church, was it/ will it be mostly about you or God? In the conversation, what did God say to you, and how will/did you respond?

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One thought on “Worship, a Dialogue With God

  1. Great post! Thanks!

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