The Coming of Grace

Yesterday, in a short poem, I reflected on the promise of a Messiah in Genesis 3:15. This is often called the Protevangelium, that is, the first announcement of the Gospel.

But in a real sense we see the good news before that. God’s very act of creation is an expression of His character and nature. God creates a magnificent cosmos – the size of which is beyond our comprehension, and yet in the midst of this He plants earth with it plants and animals. He crowns it with humanity. We have a triune God of relationship who creates a being who can also share relationships and intimacy. For me, this is a declaration of “grace” – undeserved love.

So as we come to Advent soon, it is a good time to ponder the character of a relational God who would plant a creation, but also inject himself into that when his creatures had turned their backs on Him. That is truly amazing grace!

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2 thoughts on “The Coming of Grace

  1. I appreciate your posts, Pieter. They are informative and inspiring. Thanks.

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