People I Admire

This is the first in an occasional series entitled, “People I Admire”.

My friends, a married couple who have seen more than five  decades race past, have not always had it easy. On a number of occasions they have been traumatised by events in the church, yet serve the Lord assiduously. His Kingdom, the needs of the less fortunate and the care of friends are not just on their minds but, more importantly, part of their daily actions. My friends’ faith is a positive constant challenge to my life before the Lord.

Up to this point, their children, on the whole, are indifferent, though not antagonistic about faith despite the example their parents. In the midst of this my friends resolutely honour God with their lives. They take God’s commands seriously and live the gospel to their grandchildren, taking every opportunity bring to life the covenant injunction to teach our children and grandchildren. My hope, prayer and trust is that God will bless that faithfulness in time.


Somewhere on this beach in Cornwall my friends are engaged in their fetish of collecting rocks.

Over the years their extended family has grown through unusual circumstances. Step relatives have been added to the family tree in droves. Some of these people have incredible physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Yet that has become another opportunity to live for, and reflect, Christ. I am constantly humbled by their grace.

They have impacted our life, as a family, to the extent that our children see them as aunty and uncle. They have supported us deeply over many years with practical, emotional and spiritual support. I could go on about the many, many lives they touch in their daily walk – because they are legion, but I wont.

I admire these friends because Jesus shapes their lives. They are not perfect, they are still this side of heaven, but every time I see them I have a glimpse of what Jesus is like.

The true treasures of life are relationships: family and friends. These friends are true treasures who reveal what it means to live a life of Christian thankfulness!

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