Hold Me Jesus

One of my favourite songs from one of my favourite artists: the late and great Rich Mullins –

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4 thoughts on “Hold Me Jesus

  1. Great song and timely brother! I imagine it has been especially meaningful for you and your family given the recent events you’ve gone through. Rich is also one of my favorites. The first date my wife and I went on in college was a Rich Mullins concert at our college before he sold his first song or signed with a record company. I actually still have his first LP that he did as part of a group called Zion. Thanks for sharing this song!

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  3. Ha! I just finished a book last night about Rich (“An Arrow Pointing to Heaven”) and read a lot about this wonderful song and how it came to be. It’s one of my favorites. He had some intense and fantastic insights!

  4. Rich Mullins had the gift of writing songs of Biblical integrity. That, and good tunes are always winners in my book. I must write a post on my favourite Christian song writers … Keith Green, John Michael Talbot, Michael Card as well as Rich.

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