Nervous Vows

Nervous vows,
promises to love,
all those years ago
mumbled in the bluestone church
rapidly . . . and sporadically,
fluently . . . and uneasily,
on the season or mood,
circumstance or storm.

ph9But since time has wandered
its unfathomable path,
the ties are strong,
the love stronger
and the understanding
solid – most times.

The children
and then went
on their own time bound journey.

But we,
we are still here,
warm in our history
of gathered affection.

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4 thoughts on “Nervous Vows

  1. Bob Murray

    And God
    He watches on ..
    and smiles
    and protects
    and provides
    and knows the beginning to the end.

    And we
    children of His
    realise it more and more
    as time goes on ..
    or should
    because some are slower than others!!

    Thanks Pieter and Hetty for your example over many years.

  2. Bob Murray

    No backhander intended in your direction … more a personal observation about moi.
    But, if you see yourself there, so be it my friend!!
    I don’t think any of us are too different really.

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