Snails: They Creep Up On You!

Snails: They Creep Up On You!

Snails! This morning I was planting some flowers. I had a tray of them sitting on the ground and while I was taking one plant out of its pot and putting it into the soil I noticed a snail slowly slithering up the side of the tray. I made a mental note to deal with it when I had an opportunity. However, I forgot about my house toting friend. A long while later I came back to the tray and noticed that he had made his way up the side of the tray to one of the flower pots and was having brunch -being about 10:30 am. I won’t mention what I did next in case I am reported to the RSPCS.

I continued planting (like the snail I am doing it slowly as my back is complaining) and I started reflecting. My lack of initial action is often the way we deal with problems and other issues in our lives. We think to ourselves the issue isn’t big and as I have other things to deal with I will leave it on the back burner until later, only to find that before we know it, it has become a large issue and impacts our lives in a considerable way. Depending on where our weaknesses are, it could be anything from white lies, to pornography or petty theft at work to gambling, procrastination(oops) to gossip. At this point you can insert what trips you up …

Experience tells us that dealing with our foibles early is the wisest path. It saves us from greater pain, embarrassment or struggles further on. Seeking forgiveness, actively putting behaviours or actions behind us, is the healthiest action. If we are not careful, initial foolishness can become an addiction or a pattern of behaviour that is hard to shift. What “snails” are creeping up in your life? Excuse me now I’m off to get some more snail bait.

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One thought on “Snails: They Creep Up On You!

  1. What a wonderful observation! I find it interesting that God can teach us things through His many creations. When we are ready to listen and our hearts are still, He’ll speak. No doubt about that! Thanks for a fun and insightful devotional. I needed to read this tonight.

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