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So You Think …

“Nothing is impossible with God” Luke 1:37

So you think the virgin birth is “miraculous”
even impossible,
maybe ridiculous.
A lie
from a silly girl, who
should have known better one night.
You suppose walking on water,
feeding 5000,
is a stretch of the imagination.
You laugh at the blind man,
“Here’s mud in your eye!”
You scorn
the tale of the paralysed victim,
and the water into wine …
What vintage?
But wait,
your calloused 
“There is no God out there” 
Your snide aside,
the “omnipotent” God. Ha!
He’s dead!
can’t withstand the
scalpel onslaught of His Spirit
when He says,
“You’re mine.”

From the series: The Christmas Poems that I am working on at present.

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