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Joseph – the Unsung Hero

A Detail from the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Reflections on Matt 1:18-23 continued

When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife. Matt 1:24

Joseph is, in many ways, an unsung hero in the Christmas story. His quiet grace and gentleness, in what was an extraordinary revelation, is an inspiration and challenge to us all. Imagine the facts, details and emotions he had to assimilate in a short period of time after the angel’s revelation. There would have been shock and the initial disappointment to overcome. Yet his response to God’s revelation and will, is a lesson for anyone who claims to be a follower of God.

Joseph’s desire to treat Mary with respect right from the beginning is a testament to his character. When all the details were made clear to him, his complete and willing obedience leaves most of us in the shade.

Joseph’s attitude is a lesson for me, and possibly you too. As a child of God our life and our life’s purpose are in God’s hands. Our willing obedience is used by God to advance His Kingdom. In Joseph’s case, this purpose of God involved the crux of salvation history. In own individual cases it won’t be that dramatic, and yet, our lives and obedience are still important. Like Joseph, God has made us for His purposes too.

P.S. The short poem “What lord?” was inspired by this passage too.

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What Lord?

A short poetic reflection on Matthew 1:18-25

What Lord?
I can’t believe it!
She is a good girl,
an honourable girl.
She would never betray me!
What Lord?
I must still marry her!
What Lord?
Your Spirit!
How can that be?
Yes Lord.
“I will”
Yes Lord,
His name
will be Saviour.
Yes Lord,
I will.

From the series: The Christmas Poems that I am working on at present.

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