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The Calling

Some further thoughts on Jesus’ calling of his disciples

Matt 4:18-22

I have always been amazed at the swiftness with which Peter, Andrew, James and John responded to Jesus’ call. O.k. it was Spirit inspired, but from a human perspective it was an amazing human decision. One, frankly, that I envy.

The irony that I find in my life is that the “faith” decision has never seemed difficult. Partly, I believe, because my parents and theirs had walked the same path. It was the “normal” path to follow. It was path that grew from a very age. Faith, worldview, ethics and the like have been, on the whole, the “easy ” decisions.

The choices I find difficult are the day to day choices. What calling should I (have) follow(ed), what decision should I make about both important life choices and minor ones. It is these I find that leave me to-ing and fro-ing. There are no snap decisions here!

However the joy is, whatever decision I make in the latter category, it is the first, faith, that gives me a comfort and calmness, that no matter what choices I make, God is always in control.

Still, I envy Peter’s ability to make a life changing, career changing, snap decision!

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