Daily Archives: November 21, 2011

The Blank Slate

I’m new.
A blank slate
waiting for a life to be written over me.
I’m new, fresh
longing to know love
and family,
hope, home and future.
Mum, dad,
what will you write?
Will it be with intention
with hope and vision?
Will it be in the warm love
of family? 
Will you tell me
where the limits are,
the boundaries,
beyond which I may be hurt
and mis-shaped?
Will you show me
how to be wise;
how to make decisions well,
and how to live life
to the full?
I don’t know
what to expect;
what to be wary of.
Will you tell me,
hold my hand and
warn me,
and love me with a firm love?
Or will you let me walk and wander
on my own,
with no paths,
or guide?
Mum, dad,
what will you do?
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