A Different Reality

Not so long ago, if you saw someone talking to themselves, you quietly thought that they had kangaroos loose in the top paddock or were a few palings short of a fence. Nowadays it is more likely that they are using a hands free mobile phone. There is a new reality that explains this behaviour.

It is a handy illustration. More and more, Christians are being sidelined as irrelevant and anachronistic. We are often considered to be simple and foolish because we have a faith in the God/man who died on a Roman cross 2000 years ago. But this faith is the reality we work from. This is the worldview that arranges our understanding and meaning of all that surrounds us.

Taking on the values of the society in which we live is easy and often done unconsciously. However, our reality must be shaped by this God/man. When we look at ethics, work, politics, leisure and all the other components that make up modern life, is it Christ that shapes our thinking? Yes, we may appear like a person talking to themselves in the pre-hands-free mobile phone age. The truth is, however, strikingly different. We are saying through our words and lifestyle that our worldview/perspective on all life is shaped by Christ.

We may be called mad or foolish but there is a different, eternal, reality that drives us.

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