Internet Dangers in the Home

Barns in Scandinavia are built in such a way that vermin are prevented from getting in. The harvest is precious and, in past years, it meant that a family could survive another harsh winter.

It never ceases to amaze me how casual parents are about the computer use of their children. Young children often have access to the world in the privacy of their bedrooms without any supervision or protection. “My child is responsible.” “We need to respect their privacy.” The precious children are open to attack by all sorts of vermin. I still remember the first time I rang a dad and suggested that there was evidence that his daughter was being “groomed” on the internet. This was happening out of school hours but I felt I had a responsibility to alert him to the possibility. I was roundly abused. Later my fears were proven to be well founded. But I never received an apology or a word of thanks for the warning. It did teach me at the time that many parents are wilfully foolish with regard to the protection of their children.

Unlike the harvest, too often our precious children are not protected.

How should a committed Christian parent be training their child in internet and computer use? I have lots of ideas, but I would love to hear from parents. What are you doing to ensure the spiritual, moral and emotional safety of your children?

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4 thoughts on “Internet Dangers in the Home

  1. Will

    Just remember, no good deed goes unpunished.

  2. Such a vital topic! Thanks for bringing it up. We use accountability software to monitor all our computers as well as strict limits within the filtering process. A blog about your ideas on safeguarding would be great! Thanks again!

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