Our First Overseas Trip

On our first overseas trip together in 2003, my wife and I travelled to the USA. After visiting our daughter in Davis we started our long road journey. We had arrived in LA and it was not love at first sight. San Francisco was a more likable city, but it was a city and we hadn’t travelled all this way just to see another city.

It was when we arrived at the Grand Canyon that we finally had a “Wow!” moment. Our original intention was to take a peek and drive on, after all we were on the great American road trip. But we were mesmerised. We couldn’t move on. We couldn’t take it all in. I remember my wife saying it was bit like comprehending God. You could look at parts of the canyon but it was impossible to comprehend the whole.Ultimately we drove 16000 kms over 5 weeks. We traversed the continent twice. But our visit to the Grand Canyon was the highlight.

Nine years later these days are still a stand out moment in our travels. From the grandeur of the scene to the coyotes calling across the canyon at night as we lay in our tent surrounded by snow, it was the best introduction to travel we could have had.

Finally, as a person of faith, it was another amazing glimpse of the omnipotence of God.

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
where does my help come from?
My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1&2

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5 thoughts on “Our First Overseas Trip

  1. Congratz on your first overseas trip.. You should do that more often

  2. Love the analogy between the Grand Canyon and God as far as seeing it but not being able to take it all in! Hope your trip this year goes well and if you’re passing through Indiana let me know, I’d love to sit down over a cup of coffee to chat!

    • Thanks for the invitation. We’ll take a raincheck. It would be great to compare notes. Lord willing, we hope to be in the US in 2014. We saw Ken Burns “National Parks” series and wanted to see more of them. This year we are renewing connections with friends and family in Holland and the UK and also visiting Spain and Norway. God bless.

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